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 Akors Character

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PostSubject: Akors Character   Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:36 am

Character Info

Name: Mito
Empire: Korb
Age: 20
Species: Koric
Biological Description: (Paragraph)
The Koric race is an odd race, it is like the humans, as most races are. However, they have 8 arms that can expand up to 10 feet. They also have glands around their eyes that can release an unsatisfying heat cloud. Korics are used to intense heat and can also live in cold areas as well as hot areas without any need for evolution.

Personal Description: (Paragraph)
Mito had controll of the Korbs ever since he was 12. His parents, the rulers of the Korbs at that time, were assassinated in an attempt to make peace with the pirates. Ever since, Mito has been at war with any pirate tribe since the assalant (spell check?) could be from any of them. This explains why I'm always attacking Moron32 in the Travian RP.

Empire Info
The Korbs are all Korics and have lower classes for the non-Koric people. All of the Korb products and ships, infact, everything Korbic has a symbol on it. This symbol is also their flag (check my avatar) and severly punishing anyone who pretends to have it. Korb ships are focused to be highly advanced and a devastating threat to any opposers. However, the Korbs usually have them in small fleets.

Empire Main Focus: {Military/Peace} Military

Empire Military Focus: {Ships/Ground Troops/Stations} Stations

Empire Description: (Paragraph) As said above, Korbic Fleets are small but powerful. Even though they still have many ships in their territory, they like to have many awestriking stations of pure devastation to any invaders. These stations are to refuel, attack, shield, build, and many other things. But also, other stations are used for diplomatic purposes. Even though the Korbs are warlike and grim, they try to get everyone to gang up on any pirate tribes that haven't been destroyed in search for the ones who killed Tasi and Ris.

Empire Leader Rank: Korro
Empire Tech Alignment: {Weapons/Machines/Ships} (What do you focus on building) Balanced between all three.
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PostSubject: Re: Akors Character   Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:40 am

Notice to all:

I meant to say Korbic instead of Koric every time I said Korbic.

So there aren't any typos except for Assalent. Or so. cat
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Akors Character
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