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 Platinum Store

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PostSubject: Platinum Store   Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:11 am

Buy things with platinum here:



O-Green level
O-Yellow level
O-Red level
O-Warning level

the level determines the strength of the object


Name Change- Change your account name {2p per change} [20¢]
Restart Character- Restart your character on a chapter {5p per restart} [50¢]
Join Chapter Late- Join a chapter after closing {7p per chapter} [70¢]


Laser Upgrade- Add 50 lasers to a ship {3p, single use per ship} [30¢]

Ion Tower- A large Ion cannon that can be attached to a planet {4p each} [40¢]

SuperShip- An extra main ship {7p per ship, 1 use per chapter} [70¢]

Blackhole Generator- Wipes out an enemy entirely, enemy can restart free {100p Multi-Use} [10$]
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Platinum Store
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