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PostSubject: Bugs~first   Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:49 am

Empire type: ultra-communicative bio-engineered democratic empire
Empire name: They call themselves no name but can be refereed to as "bugs"

Leader title: they have no leader but can project one forth when dealing with species who have a leader, it can be called what ever title the other species wants
Leader name: any name

Biological Information:
A bioengineering / bioengineered species that rose from intelligent bug like creatures. They are in constant mental communication, kinda borgy. They have four main forms:
Egglayer: lays large eggs which can create workers, solders, small egglayers or any new form of bug

worker: simple worker, bipedal human sized, coated with a hard black exoskeleton.

Solder: Larger and stronger than a worker can attach weapons as described later. normal ones are large workers however they can be specialized to an infinite degree.

Small Egglayer: lays smaller eggs which can create tools and weapons.

Other possible forms: Other possible forms include but are not limited to, bioengineering tools, weapons, ship parts, and vehicle parts.

Behavior: peaceful, expansionist (settlers over chiefs)

Starting planets: 28, 8 population/factory worlds, 20 Mining/colony worlds
Also they are protecting and nurturing 7 small space faring planets who are not yet FTL capable

Starting army: large

FTL engine type: Time disruption
Described by me as:
The bug time disruptor pauses time in in such a way so that the bug ship may travel across space without growing old and dyeing. The bug time disruptor CANNOT pause time for more than an instant of bug subjective time, thus time CANNOT be paused while the bugs go around destroying the galaxy. And because time is only paused for a subjective instant the bugs do not grow old in their journey across space.

Described better as:
you slow down the time around you while speeding up the time you're in

Description: The bug once were many, now they are one. Once when the bug only inhabited one planet a great individual changed the processes of life, he manipulated the very biology of the bug and made the as they are. Now as one mind they expand with one goal, to further the longevity of the bug species.
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs~first   Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:05 pm

Approved and lockage
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