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Battle against another empire, and expand yours. or live peacefully and trade.
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 Main Chapter I {store}

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PostSubject: Main Chapter I {store}   Main Chapter I {store} Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 5:59 am


*here is the key for getting p$*
-kill a planet (100)
-kill a capitol (400)
-obliterate player (800)

Troop Weapons store: affect all troops

Pistol- A small weapon, from the mid 1900's very outdated (10 p$)
Laser pistol- same as pistol, but fires lasers (400 p$)
Laser rifle- a longer range laser firing weapon (800 p$)
RapidLaser- a rapid fire laser firing weapon (1200 p$)

Ship Weapons store: affect a single ship

Cannon- a small cannon, that fires short electric bursts (400 p$)
Hyper Cannon- a rapid fire cannon (100 p$)
Plasma Cannon- a short burst of blue flame (800 p$)
Decapitator- a flurry of a dozen small plasma bursts (1200 p$)

Building Store Affects one planet

Command Center- A base on the planet (0 p$)
Barracks- a place for your troops to stay (0 p$)
House- a house for a population planet 1 house=10 population (100 p$)
War Shelter- a hiding place for your troops (200 p$)
Mounted Cannon- a plasma cannon mounted on the planets surface
Planet- Buy a planet for your empire (6000 p$)
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Main Chapter I {store}
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